We provide a guarantee for the CPSRCPSRCosmetic product safety report
to be drawn up:

  • fully compliant with the Regulation
  • without useless requirements upon the manufacturer
  • with the total number and complexity of products
    taken into account

CPSRCPSRCosmetic product safety report
in a high quality, comfortably and for an optimum price

laboratory tests

  • Microbiological test
  • Challenge test
  • Dermal irritation test
  • Determination of heavy metals
  • Thermostability test
  • Determination of the viscosity 
  • Cytotoxicity test
  • Determination of eye irritating potential in vitro
  • Human Repeated PatchTest – HRIPT
  • Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro
  • Determination of SPF in vitro

… Further tests the according to specific customer request

We cooperate only with the certified laboratories.